and my personal thanks

What do others say during and after therapy?

Below, I have reflected typical comments and specific feedback from my clients.  To respect their right to privacy, I have only used initials.  I hope these personal experiences give hope and direction for you.

Chronic Depression    E.   “Thanks for all your time and compassion.  It really did make a huge difference in my life. 

Child sexual abuse    S.    "I feel connected now.  I have never felt this before. 

Social disorder    L.    "I did not expect to experience hypnosis like that.  How powerful.  I feel rather light headed, but fantastic.

Complex child abuse    A.    “I really don’t know why I come, I hate coming, and I never know what I”m going to talk about nor what will happen but, I always gain something.  I look back to how I was and see how different, better I feel.  I am getting on with my life.

Depression & drug abuse    C.     “I just thought I must tell you that I am now married and really happy with a baby on it’s way!  I just cannot imagine what would have happened if I had continued the way I was going.  I was so tempted to end it all.  I am so glad I won through. 

Domestic violence    S.    “Wow!  I feel amazing!  That was really weird, like I was in the dream....like being in my own movie.  And I finally faced him.  I finally found the courage to face him.  I don’t feel I need to carry all that shit around any more. (later)  I am writing to thank you. 

Anxiety    T.   "I continue to use the tools I learnt and am reaping the benefits.  I particularly find mindfulness helps me during the day.  

Relationship difficulties    S.   "Business is still challenging and more is expected of me, but I set those boundaries and find I can still make time for my family.  Yes, we made it through, together and we are fine.

Rape    I.    “I have never told any one that.  I don’t think I’ve ever even said it to myself.  

Self harm    E.   “Thank God I found you! 

Obesity    C.   “I am moving on, moving due to the promotion I was after.   I’ve just found the vision board you asked me to do and you, well you would believe it, but everything I put on the board is evident in my life now.  How great is that.  So, thanks again.  I am fit and feeling good.

Parenting    E.    “My little girl is so much brighter.  I am so glad you were able to help her communicate with me.

Performance anxiety    R.    "I am so confident now, I can speak and communicate with the clarity and strength needed to lead my team, and stand up to address 100's of people.  I enjoyed our sessions greatly.

Anorexia    T.    "I am so much stronger and relaxed.  Thank you for saving my life.  My family are understanding me now and I am growing up.  I have kept my weight and enjoying food now.  First time I can remember.  

Recovering from nervous breakdown     E.    "You triggered my ability to live my life.  I am free now. Thank you for your patience.

Fear of flying    P.    "Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of flying.  I didn't realise why I found it so difficult.  Now I do and I don't even think about my fears now and look forward to my next flight.


special thanks to all who have helped me find my purpose and make peace with who I am.  Life is still present, here and now, so I continue to learn and thrive........I hope all I help do too.

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