If you are unsure whether I can help you, call and talk to me about your concerns.

How much does it cost?

£75 per hour for individual - £95 per hour for couples. 

Hypnotherapy usually takes an hour and a half and the cost will therefore be £95 or £125 for couples - pro rata

Concessions on a sliding scale are available for those with limited resources.

How do I make a booking?

Call Philippa Rhodes on +447958329051 for an exploratory brief discussion.

Appointments are available from 9.30am through to 9pm Monday to Friday (Saturdays can be arranged at a further cost)

How long and how many sessions will I need?

The nature of us all being unique individuals, is that not all change is easy and I make no promises that it is. However, depending on what your concerns are and how ready you are or able to deal with issues, the process of deep and lasting change can be quickly initiated.  Serious, deep rooted difficulties take as long as they take.

Research shows that most people tend to see a therapist between one and twelve sessions.   In that time, an enormous amount can be achieved. 

Visits can be spaced - from several visits per week, to once a week , bi-weekly, or once a month, or even less often. The timings depend on you and what you find effective.

Treatment Examples:

  • High motivational focussed therapy:    1 - 5 sessions
  • Short term therapy:     6 -15 sessions.
    Basic requirement for acute stress and for adults with healthy personality function working on performance and life goals.
  • Medium term therapy:    15 - 40 sessions  -  For complex needs 
  • Long term therapy:    48 - 72 sessions.
    For chronic stress, mood disorders, survivors of dysfunctional families, abuse, addictions.

What if I want to cease treatment?

That's ok.  We will either know, as this will be a natural progression or you may want to stop for other reasons.  You are under no obligation to continue beyond any current session.  For your own benefit, however, it is helpful to mention any concerns and to book a final session in order to end treatment in a positive and resolved way.  

What if I cancel or fail to show up for a session?

Counselling requires a commitment from both client and counsellor and missed appointments can be a sign of avoidance and may need to be addressed as part of the therapeutic process.

Bookings are payable in full unless a minimum of three working days' notice is given or another session is booked for that week.  

Once an appointment has been made between us then that time is dedicated to you.  It will not be given to anyone else or used for anything else.  Therefore, please be aware that if you need to make a change in the arrangements please give as much notice as possible.   If you make a very late cancellation (24 hours or less) or do not attend (in whatever form we have agreed e.g. face to face, telephone, Skype) without notification, then the full fee is due and no refund will be given.

Please be aware that if you cancel late, or not show up, another person wil not be able to come.

Will therapy make me unhappy?

Therapy will bring up unresolved pain and re-stimulate emotional difficulties.
  By working through these emotions or memories, in the safety and support of a therapeutic relationship, instead of burying or resisting problems you will be able to discover a productive and healthy life with an updated set of coping skills and renewed enthusiasm


Please get in touch with me for more details.

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