Therapeutic Process

Working together to open
up your world and discover ways to experience life with more ease, skill and confidence

STANDARD hypnotherapy can often only gloss over the real reason behind a client's problem or only partly fix the symptoms, failing to address the underlying cause. Long term psychotherapy can just take time.  

MY APPROACH is to attend to the core of the problem, the techniques for which are highly complex and very effective. The engaging sensory and relational methods I use allow people to gain access to their subconscious mind in order to get to the root cause of their problem where they solve or resolve them.  This is a most empowering experience for most people.        

A POPULAR MISCONCEPTION is the therapist creates changes for you. The reality is the therapist is a facilitator of change and your openness, engagement and commitment are important factors to a successful outcome. Change and learning experiences don’t happen to you but through you.

OVER THE YEARS we develop ways of protecting ourselves which have the effect of masking our true thoughts and feelings. Therapy will help uncover these sometimes painful feelings and emotions, which means you can expect to experience a number of reactions at different stages in the process, some of which will be positive and some may perceived to be negative, sometimes leaving you with feelings of vulnerability as you move closer to achieving your goal/s. However it is necessary to stay with these human, evolving, processes in order to move on, or through difficulties.

It is completely natural for your levels of motivation, therefore, to vary throughout the therapy. You may make very quick progress in some sessions but seemingly little progress at all in others. This may leave you feeling dispirited. It is important to persevere because it is usually a sign that true gains are about to be made.

TAPPING INTO YOUR INNER RESOURCES of wisdom and awareness supports your individual process of evolution.  The brain does what it is meant to do and that is to learn how to learn.  This is a life truth.  In turn, you learn how to live and respond in the here and now, responsibly, gaining insight, skill and wisdom.

For emotionally healthy living, I believe in and encourage within therapy:

  • Bringing curiosity into your life – a sense of evolving....engaging..... connecting
  • Tuning into and refining your senses as a means to increase understanding and ability to trust yourself
  • Embracing ambiguity, paradox and uncertainty
  • Developing a balance between logic and imagination; of skilful thinking and actions
  • Cultivating grace, flexibility, self-care, health and fitness 
  • Testing out what you think you know through experiencing, persistence and learning through miss-takes
  • Appreciating interconnectedness of all things and

                                                                               .........learning to live in the moment

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